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Oakledge Park, City of Burlington, VT

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Square Footage
500 sq. ft.

0 - 20 ft.

Ramp & Deck Length
100 ft.

Width of Ramp
4 - 6 ft.

Trees Connected to Structure
9 Trees

Expected Life of Treehouse
50+ years

The building of the World’s First Universally Accessible Community Treehouse at Oakledge park, in Burlington, Vermont, was a joint effort of Forever Young Treehouses and the City of Burlington. It was also a community effort. Hundreds of volunteers and donors contributed to the project. Lois McClure, a longtime Burlington resident offered a $25,000 challenge grant to encourage community participation. Pizzagalli Construction, Vermont Standing Seam and Engineering Ventures, as well as many other Vermont companies, contributed materials and labor. Local residents pitched in, offering a variety of skills from carpentry to tree pruning. The Oakledge Park was completed in November 2004 and is open to the public.

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