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City of Barrington

NISRA (Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association) celebrated 30 years of service in 2006. NISRA’s mission, enriching the lives of people with disabilities through meaningful recreation experiences, gives vision and inspiration to the dedicated staff and volunteers who lead over 400 recreation programs, special events, camp experiences and trips each year. About 1,000 individuals with disabilities in northern Illinois participate in NISRA programs annually. All activities are held in public facilities throughout NISRA’s large service area in McHenry County and parts of Cook, Kane and Lake Counties. The Association’s financial support comes from public funds from its 12 member park districts and municipalities, program fees, and contributions. NISRA regularly receives comments that reinforce its mission and the potential of its programs to impact the quality of life for participants. Here is one example: “For almost 10 years now, since we moved to McHenry County, NISRA has been providing Daniel with a sense of self-worth, a social life, a group of friends with disabilities and without disabilities, and a whole lot of wonderful memories. Most of all, they’ve provided Daniel with a whole lot of fun and happiness.” The NISRA Foundation is proud to have completed the construction of the first universally accessible treehouse in the State of Illinois with the leadership and expertise of Forever Young Treehouses. The Foundation extends a special thanks to the Barrington Park District, which stepped forward to partner on this project and to provide the site for the Pepper Family Accessible Treehouse, which will serve thousands of people in the area for years to come. For more information, call 815-459-0737, e-mail info@nisra.org, or visit www.nisra.org.

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