the Treehouse Guys - building and designing treehouses for backyards, public parks, and universally accessible
the Treehouse Guys - Warren Vermont - building and designing private and public treehouses
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design and building private, public, and accessable treehouses

Constructing a dwelling in a living, moving and growing organism is a sensitive undertaking. Environmental, ecological, design, and accessibility issues are dealt with by our team of a designer/builder, engineer, and an arborist. Properly designed and constructed, our treehouses will not harm any trees or the surrounding environment. "The Tree House Guys" believe that while designing and building IN the trees, we like to base our design aesthetic to be OF the trees... Meaning - we are fond of using actual trees and their limbs as both structural and visual components, as well as locally rough sawn lumber to give our treehouses a real rustic and whimsical look and feel! Please contact us to arrange a site visit with us to get your treehouse design/build project off the ground.