the Treehouse Guys - building and designing treehouses for backyards, public parks, and universally accessible
the Treehouse Guys - Warren Vermont - building and designing private and public treehouses
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The treehouse Guys, Warren Vermont, designing a building backyard, and public handicapped accessible treehouses...

The Treehouse Guys are a partnership of Chris "Ka-V" Haake and James "B'fer" Roth and an assorted cast of characters (craftsmen, that is). Ka-V left his cave in New Jersey to explore the trees of Vermont, where he met B'fer, who was at the time, a rustic furniture maker in Waitsfield. The two worked in the shop and then started building treehouses together in the fall of 2000 for the non-profit organization​, Forever Young Treehouses. Eleven years later, and over 30 treehouses designed and built, the two branched out to form The Treehouse Guys. They are based in Warren, V​T but travel all over to bring special treehouses to their clients. With their 15+ years experience they bring skill, knowledge and creativity to the job.