the Treehouse Guys - building and designing treehouses for backyards, public parks, and universally accessible
the Treehouse Guys - Warren Vermont - building and designing private and public treehouses

The treehouse Guys, Warren Vermont, designing a building backyard, and public handicapped accessible treehouses...The Treehouse Guys are a partnership of Chris "Ka-V" Haake and James "B'fer" Roth and an assorted cast of characters (craftsmen, that is). Ka-V left his cave in New Jersey to explore the trees of Vermont, where he met B'fer, who was at the time a rustic furniture maker ( in Waitsfield. The two worked together in the shop and then started building treehouses together in the fall of 2000 for the non-profit organization Forever Young Treehouses. 11 years later, and with over 30 treehouses designed and built, the two have branched out to form The Treehouse Guys. We are based in Warren, Vt. Haake heads up the Building, and Roth is the Designer and we are joined by our dear friend, Jeff Schoellkopf (, who does the artistic renderings of our treehouse designs.